Our varied range is available in different formats:

  • 300g to 4 kg sachets
  • 150g to 3 kg trays
  • individual dishes

Our Individual dishes range

Thanks to our production technique, any combination is possible! Over 150 individual dishes already created…

A few examples:

  • Meatballs with Liège sauce - mixed vegetables - mashed potato
  • Chicken cordon bleu - peas and carrots - mashed potato
  • Merguez couscous
  • Rabbit thigh - prune sauce - mashed potato
  • Fillet of salmon - cream sauce with baby vegetables - tagliatelle
  • Beef olives - bacon, mushroom and red wine sauce - mashed potato
  • Fish paella
  • Carrot hotpot - sausages
  • Spaghetti bolognaise
  • ...

Our multi-portion range

This product range is so wide we couldn’t hope to describe everything in it.
Weights vary from 350g to 4 kg, packaging types include bags, trays and catering packs, and the recipe options are infinite!

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