A technique to ensure quality and freshness

ISO 22000 certification

In order to meet its main criterion, i.e. quality, VEWI was one of the first Belgian firms to comply with HACCP standards. Since February 2008, VEWI has been ISO 22000 certified; this is the European standard in the food sector.
Our certification means that you are guaranteed high quality products and strict compliance with standards and traceability from receipt of the ingredients right up to dispatch of the finished products.
To find out more about the ISO 22000 standard: www.iso.org

A unique shelf life

Our steam pressure cooking methods eliminate any bacteria from our products and enable us to give them a shelf life of between 15 and 90 days, depending on your requirements en products.

A relationship of mutual trust with customers and suppliers

The fact that we are a family company means that we have been able to build a close relationship of trust with customers and suppliers

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