A flavour for every day

Over the years, our desire to develop tailor-made products for our customers has resulted in a wide range of products, ranging from core dishes, such as chicory roulade, Liège meatballs and carrot hotpot, to more refined dishes, such as scampi in piquant sauce and fillet of duck breast, to the point that we have no fewer than 500 lines today.

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Taste the authenticity

Traditional recipes

Although ours is an industrial operation, one of our main goals is to offer our customers products prepared based on traditional recipes.
Maintaining the original flavours and tastes of the ingredients is a priority.

A 100% natural process: balance, health and freshness

We guarantee the use of top quality, non-GM, preservative-free products.
Quite simply the delicious taste of meals prepared as if they were home-made.

Exclusive, tailor-made recipes

Each product in our range is adaptable and can be tailored to the customer’s requirements.
We are happy to develop new recipes according to your needs.

The entire range is available in different types of packaging (individual dishes, multi-portion bags, CPET trays, PP trays, catering packs, etc.)

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